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Halo Franchise

The Halo franchise is a universe of entertainment experiences, from action figures to live-action television. From novels to construction toys and everything in between. And all this epic world of Halo goods and pastimes orbits around a central core of the characters and worlds of the legendary video game series.


At the core of the Halo franchise are a series of record-breaking video games on Xbox, PC, Mixed Reality and mobile platforms – centering around a Galaxy at war, and the epic adventures of a legendary Hero: Master Chief Petty Officer, Spartan-117.

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Books & Media

Halo is a world so epic, that it can't be contained by games alone. Join the heroes, villains, worlds and wonders of the Halo universe in books, comic, animation and live action television, expanding and expounding on the places and people millions of fans have grown to love.


Halo has been a leader in the world of competitive gaming since its inception and release in 2001. The thrilling combination of exciting, balanced gameplay, fully customizable modes and maps, and a ferociously watchable spectacle makes it one of the most important games in all of Esports. Partnering with the best tournament and team organizations in the world, Halo is the very definition of Esports.

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Toys, Apparel & Accessories

With a commitment to fun, quality and execution, Halo merchandise span categories as diverse as toys, board games, apparel, action figures – and much much more, serving the demand from an audience of enthusiasts, players and collectors around the world.

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